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Every song you've ever heard, every book you've ever read, every conversation you've ever had, and every thought you've ever thought is completely made up of words. Words rule the world, meaning that the stronger your vocabulary, the better understanding you will have of the world around you. If you need more reasons to work on your vocabulary, continue reading the post below.

Why You Should Work on Your Vocabulary

  1. As stated above, every thought you've ever had was made up of words. When you realize this and the power that words have on your thinking, it's easy to understand how the wider vocabulary you have, the more complex thoughts you will formulate.
  2. The intro also mentioned books and how every reading material you encounter (including what you find online) is created with words. As such, a wider vocabulary will result in improved reading comprehension skills.
  3. A wider vocabulary will not only influence how you think, but it can also impact how you communicate with others. This is because, with a wider vocabulary, you will be able to express yourself more accurately to others.
  4. If you're in school, you would be interested to know that improving your vocabulary can also improve your academic skills and performance.
  5. Lastly, communicating better, having better grades, and formulating deeper thoughts can also positively influence your employment opportunities later down the line.

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