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You'll have better luck helping your child practice their vocabulary if you do it with games. Studying shouldn't be limited to a notebook or a school book. Here are some games you can try.

Vocabulary Practice Made Fun

Children learn better when they're having fun. Games and interesting experiments can make learning easier. Previously we wrote about fun ways to practice spelling at home, today we will focus on vocabulary games.

Word Whiz

This game requires a dictionary, paper, and pencil for each player. The first player will choose a word from the dictionary, say it aloud, and spell it if necessary. The rest of the players must write down what they think it means. Everyone has to read their definitions. The first player will read the correct definition, and if someone got it correct, they will get a point.

Vocabulary Charades

To play vocabulary charades, you just have to write a word and its meaning on a flashcard. When the player picks a card, they have to act out the word, draw it, or make a sentence that explains what it means. Give each player one minute to guess as many words as they can.

Bean Bag Toss

Get some index cards and write down a vocabulary word on each one. Put the cards upside down on the floor to create a board. Each player has to throw a bean bag, aiming at the index cards. If the bag lands on a card, they have to read the word and give its definition or use it in a sentence. Every time they give the correct definition, they get to keep the card.


Your child needs to cut out pictures from magazines to describe each vocabulary word and glue them on a piece of paper. For an extra learning bonus, they can use those words and pictures to create a story.

Tutoring in Centennial Can Also Increase Your Child's Vocabulary

Your children can gain a greater vocabulary with one of the tutoring programs that The Tutoring Center, Centennial CO has to offer. They can try out one of their writing or reading programs to start with. Call them at (303) 800-0540 to learn more.


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