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Do you constantly put off your academic duties or other responsibilities? If you often postpone your obligations, you should know that procrastinating has some downsides (like increased anxiety, stress, guilt, and frustration). If you don't want to experience these consequences, the post below has some tips on how to reduce your procrastination.

How to Reduce Procrastination While Studying

  1. Firstly, create a study space that's conducive to focusing, studying, and learning. To that end, it's recommended that you keep the right furniture and equipment in it. More importantly, ensure it's free of distractions.
  2. If you need help managing your time and keep better track of it, you can create a schedule in which you detail all of the things you have to do on a given day and set a timeframe for each. Just remember to stick to the schedule.
  3. If you lack motivation and direction to fulfill your academic duties, you can set goals. Specific and doable goals will help you focus and will give you the boost you need.
  4. Sometimes, procrastination can be the symptom of an exhausted brain. If you've been working on one thing for hours, take short breaks so that you can relax and don't get distracted as easily.
  5. Finally, if you need that extra push, you can put together a reward system. This way, if you finish everything on your schedule for that day, you get to enjoy a little treat.

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