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Drawing is a fun and entertaining activity that most children engage in and love. After reading the following post, you'll want to encourage your child to do it more often, because of the benefits it may bring.

How Drawing Helps Your Child

  1. A first and very important benefit your child could receive if they're constantly drawing, is that they will be able to use it as their creative outlet. This means that they will have a way to channel their energy, as well as expressing their ideas and working their imagination. This is because they have total control over what to draw, how to draw it, what colors to use, where to place the shapes, and more.
  2. Believe it or not, the more your child draws, the more they will develop a few mental skills. This is because drawing requires focus, planning, executing and problem-solving, all of which are skills your child will use throughout their life.
  3. Drawing can also help your child develop in a physical manner. This is because, as they draw, they need to grab a pencil, apply pressure to it, and more. These are delicate movements that could be challenging to your child. Drawing will help them practice and improve on those fine-motor skills.
  4. Lastly, when drawing, your child will be more able to understand and respond to visual stimuli. They will be more aware of colors, shapes, spatial arrangements and more.

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