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The holiday season can be the perfect time to encourage your child to become an avid reader. To learn how you can take advantage of the winter months to that end, continue reading.

How to Encourage Your Child to Read Over Winter Break

Dabble Into Holiday Stories

The first tip is to associate reading to your child's interest in the holidays, as this may make them more enthusiastic about opening a book. For example, you can search for books that tell stories about Santa's reindeer. Your child will probably want to read them since they're related to the celebrations around them.

Create the Perfect Reading Environment

Luckily for you and your efforts of getting your child to read more, the winter weather can help you create the perfect environment for it. The cold will make your child more willing to snuggle on a cozy couch with fluffy pillows and warm blankets. Add to this a hot cup of cocoa and a good book, and they'll be set.

Give Books as Gifts

Last but not least, you can try the method of giving books as gifts. If your child receives a book as a gift over the holidays, it's more likely that they'll understand just how special books can be which, in turn, will make them more eager to give them a try and start reading.

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