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If you're a student that's constantly losing their supplies, you know that aside from being an expensive habit (since you need to eventually replace those supplies), it can also hinder your academic performance, since you won't have the tools necessary to learn successfully. For this reason, if you want to keep better track of your school supplies, you should follow the tips below.

How to Keep Your School Supplies in Order

  1. Last but not least, always be aware of your school supplies. Know where they are and where they have to go. For instance, if you lent a pencil to a peer, ask for it back after class.
  2. If you need help keeping better track of your supplies, then help others help you. To that end, label all of your supplies properly. Put your name and grade on them, so people can return them to you if you misplace them.
  3. And while you wait for your supplies to come back to you (if they ever do), you will need a few extras so your learning process isn't hindered by a missing pencil or pen. Always keep those extras in your backpack just in case.
  4. It's easier to misplace items, when you don't have a specific spot for them. That's why, you should have a pencil case for all of those smaller items. Be sure to use it appropriately and to put your things back in it once you're done with them.

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