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To achieve academic success, students of any level need to have energy, the ability to concentrate, be able to retain information, and find solutions to their problems. All of these skills can’t be achieved without the necessary sleep.

Growing Children Need to Sleep

Children need at least nine hours of sleep every night. Rest is essential to their growing brain and bodies. Sleep also influences their academic performance. If you notice that your child’s grades are dropping, they’re constantly distracted, or their behavior has changed, lack of sleep might be the culprit. Here you’ll find some of the ways not getting enough sleep can affect your child’s learning.

Academic Consequences of Poor Sleeping Habits

 Limits organization skills: Not getting enough sleep can temporarily impair the area of the brain that controls problem-solving, planning, and organization. Sleepy children may find it tough to prioritize their assignments or continuously lose their school supplies. Debilitates memory: Lack of sleep can affect both short and long-term memory. Since it’s harder for the brain to focus, it’s tougher to retain new information as well. Your child will have a hard time processing new information and connecting it with previous knowledge. Reduces focus: Tired students are more easily distracted. They also have trouble focusing on their assignments or listening to what their teacher is saying. Lacking focus and concentration can cause them to make mistakes they wouldn’t make if they were well-rested. Bad mood and behavior: Children usually become moody and grumpy when they’re tired. They may also get frustrated much faster and lose their temper. Children who get easily frustrated aren’t up for many academic challenges. Plus, lousy behavior usually leads to the principal’s office or detention.

Tutoring in Centennial to Strengthen Your Child’s Memory

If your child’s grades have already been affected by lack of sleep, they could benefit from tutoring classes. Tutoring can help them catch up, improve their concentration, and strengthen their memory. The Tutoring Center, Centennial CO offers various tutoring programs. Contact them at (303) 800-0540 to learn about them.


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