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Finding out your child’s learning style can make them more successful students. If you want to make this a better school year for your child, find out their learning style.

4 Different Learning Styles You Should Know

Have you ever noticed how some children prefer doing math problems over activities that involve creativity? Or how for some people, memorizing a song is easy while others just make up random words? That’s because their learning styles are different. Understanding which learning style your child leans into can help them become better students and gain more knowledge. There are four learning styles you should know about.

The Four Main Learning Styles

Auditory learners: Those people who easily memorize songs and prefer spoken instructions are auditory learners. These learners get easily distracted by excessive noise and gain their knowledge by listening and speaking. Logical learners: Logical learners usually ask many questions because they need to know how everything works. They also greatly enjoy math and finding patterns. Logical learners don’t particularly love activities that steer them away from logic or those that involve vast amounts of creativity. Visual learners: The majority of people fall into this learning category. Visual learners like to learn with diagrams, labels, pictures, and written instructions. They’re often good at completing jigsaw puzzles. This group is usually good at keeping organized notes. Kinesthetic learners: Kinesthetic learners love to be involved in hands-on activities. They learn by being part of the process. Experiments, games, and anything that keeps them moving will work better for them.

All Learners Can Benefit from Tutoring in Centennial

Understanding your child’s learning style will help them become a better learner. If you want a bigger learning boost, enroll your child in a tutoring program. Tutoring in Centennial benefits all learners, just call The Tutoring Center, Centennial CO at (303) 800-0540 to learn about their programs and how they can help your child.


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