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You don’t have to wait until your children begin school to start developing their math skills. Math isn’t just numbers and equations, there’s measuring, comparing, classifying, matching, and so much more. You can help your younger children jumpstart their learning at home with these suggestions The Tutoring Center, Centennial CO has for you.


Children begin their measuring skills by deciding how big, small, long, or short an object is. They can easily measure their toys or themselves using a ruler, yarn, or measuring tape. They can also compare sizes by building towers with toy blocks.


When children state the difference between one thing and another, they are comparing…and that’s part of math, too. They can compare the differences between their toys, favorite foods, and favorite activities. The ability to compare will help them develop the skill to classify.


Classifying involves grouping things that are alike. Since your children have already compared the difference between two objects, they can now classify them. For instance they could separate all their toys that have wheels, all the ones that have squares, the ones that are soft, etc. After they’ve done that, they can go even further in classification details.


To match is to create pairs. The easiest way they can practice matching is by playing with matching cards. Simply start by placing different pairs of pictures face down, then the player has to flip two cards. If they happen to match, they get to flip another two cards. If they don’t match, they have to put them back face down. Matching pairs is also a memory boosting brain workout.

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