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Celebrate Mother's Day with these book options. Every occasion can be the right one to practice reading.

Use Mother's Day as an Excuse to Practice Reading

Although every day should be Mother’s Day, this month the official day arrives. This month, The Tutoring Center, Centennial CO has gathered a short list of mom-themed books to enjoy with your children. You can spend some quality time together and practice reading skills. Mars Needs Moms! By Berkeley Breathed. Milo thinks all moms do is nag and force children to eat veggies. However, one day his mom is abducted by aliens who don’t have moms. He realizes all the things moms do and wants his mom back. This is a very relatable story for all children who think moms are naggy and boring. Some Moms by Nick Bland. This illustrated book is perfect for younger children. The book talks about how all moms are different, some speak softly and others shout, some are short and others are tall, but what they all have in common is that they are all great moms. 41 Uses for a Grandma by Harriet Ziefert. This book is not necessarily a story. In fact, it’s just a book with cute illustrations enlisting 41 one things that grandmas are great at. While it won’t keep your children reading for a long time, it might inspire them to create their own list. Between Mom and Me: Mother Son Journal by Katie Clemons. Again, this isn’t a story book, but it’s filled with writing prompts to reminisce on mother and son moments. Your sons can share their special moments with you and practice their writings skills. There’s also a version for girls too.

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