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If you're a student, to you, the new year may be a new opportunity to fix your mistakes and make a real effort to become a better learner and reach your academic potential. If this statement is true for you, below you'll find some ideas to make that goal a reality.

Academic New Year's Resolutions

  1. Be more organized. If you do a good job at keeping track of your supplies, having a tidy backpack, managing your time, and writing better notes, you'll have an easier time as a student.
  2. Increase your attention span. Students often procrastinate when they should be studying. To avoid that, create a schedule, set goals for your academic life, and remove distractions while studying.
  3. Improve your grades. Having good grades is important, but it requires hard work. Do your homework, participate in class, and study effectively to that end.
  4. Focus on learning. Sometimes, students focus on memorizing their school subjects rather than understanding them. Change this perspective so you can have more successful learning experiences.
  5. Try new things. Make this the year to get out of your comfort zone. In school, join the clubs and teams to develop new skills, explore different areas, and meet new people.
  6. Have a positive attitude. Your life as a student, and as a person in general, will be a lot easier if you develop a 'can do' attitude. Begin to trust in yourself and look on the bright side.

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